5 Steps To Create Hygge At Home

After my recent review of The Little Book of Hygge (which you can read here), I have been thinking a lot about how I can create a more hygge in my own home. I already have an abundance of blankets and books so I have done a little research into what you can do to have a more hyggelig home. There are a lot of different interpretations and opinions out there, so I have put together what I believe are the best 5 ways to add that extra bit of cosy, happy and safe vibe in your home.


Step 1- Get the right lighting. Hygge is all about soft, warm and natural lighting, to create a homely and cosy atmosphere. This is a great excuse (not that I need one) to get the candles out for dinner or reading in the late afternoon. If you have one, then light the fire, or create the same effect with an electric one. Use table lamps or dimmed lights instead of harsh, bright overhead lighting.

Step 2- Decor and furniture. Natural materials are much more hyggelig than plastic or syhthetic, so stick to real wood furniture. Vintage or second hand is also a great way to add a homely feel, as well as being good for the environment. Also bringing the outdoors inside is good for the soul, so add some house plants and go foraging for some pine cones or driftwood to decorate with.


Step 3- Food & drink. Hot drinks and indulgent food will add to a hyggelig evening. So when you have visitors pop the kettle on and get the cake or biscuits out. Also the Danes are big on lingering, so if you have a dinner party, take your time with your meal and enjoy the evening, dont jump up straight away and start the washing up!

Step 4- Slow down. We live such a fast paced life so taking the time to slow down and relax will help you enjoy the hygge in your home. Spend an hour or two reading on a Sunday afternoon, pop on a Disney film with the kids and get the popcorn out. Take an hour out of your day to sit and play with your little one or have a cup of tea and catch up with a friend. If you have friends or family round, get the board games out and make sure to stay off your  phones as much as possible.


Step 5- Contentment. Spending time and enjoying the company of others is a great way to create a hygge home, its not always about having expensive furniture or a perfectly tidy, clean home. In fact, guests will feel more comfortable in a little bit of mess than a pristine home, if they are terrified of touching anything or spilling something then it will be hard for them, or you, to relax.

Being content with your home and belongings is important to create hygge, it doesn’t matter on the size or location, or how much you’ve spent on your furniture or decor. A loved home, where you feel happy and safe and guests feel relaxed and welcome is more hygge than a large mansion with no soul.

As long as you have some candles, tea and biscuits, you don’t need much else!