The Little Book Of Hygge- Book Review

You have most likely seen the word ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hue-gah) online somewhere in the past few months, there has been a recent hype concerning the Danish word Hygge and the meaning behind it.

Ive read online that the English translation to Hygge is ‘cosy togetherness’. Now, I am all about the cosiness, so I thought I would do a little research and find out some more. dsc_4631

I found ‘The Little Book Of Hygge‘ online and put it on my Christmas list, the hubby did his job well and stuck to my list!

The author, Meik Wiking, is CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (doesnt this sound like the best job in the world?!) and has spent years studying the Danish way of life, Hygge and, of course, happiness! So, if I’m going to get some tips on how to add a little Hygge to my life, then I think he’s the man to listen to.

I have read a lot of self-help and business style books, but I thought this one would would be good as a lighter read to start the year with. I was right, and my only regret is that I didn’t pick it up last year, so I could make the most of all the cosy Hygge tips over the winter months and Christmas.


Reading this book, I didn’t have any profound, life changing epiphanies, but it has slightly changed the way I look at certain elements of my lifestyle, helped me appreciate the Hygge moments I already have and inspired me to create more.

Without giving too much away, the main elements of Hygge I have taken from the book are:

  • Cosiness- Curling up with a blanket, some warm socks, a good book and a hot drink
  • Lighting- Candle light, fireside light, natural window lighting, its all about subtle & relaxing
  • Food & drink- Hot drinks (coffee, hot chocolate,tea) and something indulgent like cake or fancy chocolates
  • Home- Being safe and warm in your favourite place with the people you love
  • Togetherness- Spending quality time with your closest friends and family

dsc_4649One of my favourite parts of the book was when the author talks about different languages and unique phrases from around the world, this is where I found myself annoying the hubby most, as I read certain parts out loud (he really hates it when I do this, but sometimes you just have to share!) I had a real giggle reading some of these, such as the French saying ‘rire dans sa barbe’ which means, ‘to laugh in your beard, quietly, while thinking about something from the past’.

If you are looking for a book that will change your life, you may want to keep looking, but if youre looking for something that will give you a lovely little warm feeling in your heart, then this is the one for you.

Most of all, it made me realise (even more than I did before) just how much I love to be cosy & warm, to feel safe and loved and that this brings me a lot of happiness. It has also helped me to see that this isnt always just acheived by curling udsc_4636p at home on your own, but by sharing quality time and experiences with the people you love.
‘Hygge’ is now my new favourite word, I have even decided to change the light in our living room to create a much more relaxing, soft glow of light. Instead of the current harsh, bright exposed bulb shining right above our heads; this is not very ‘hyggelig’ at all!