How To Plan A Styled Shoot

Styled shoots are becoming more and more popular in a range of different industries and for good reason; a styled shoot can be a great tool for any business, from photographers to makeup artists and product suppliers.


If you can get the shoot featured it will be some fab free advertising, or just some great images for all involved to use on their social media and websites.

For a shoot to be successful, planning ahead is so important. To make your ideas a reality you will need to be as organised as possible and bring a whole team of individuals together. It’s usually best to have one main organiser, but to make sure everyone is involved right from the start of the planning process. The shoot should end up being a collaboration, you want to make the most of the skills and talents of all involved.
I have put the following tips together from my own experience.



3 Steps To Planning A Successful Shoot:

  1. First you need to plan the look, venue style, and the feel of the shoot. Where you would like it to be featured, on a specific blog or magazine? Its a good idea to put together a mood board of your ideas, Pinterest is great for this.
  2. Then you need to get all the suppliers on board and make sure to choose the right ones for the look you are going for. You will most likely have some no’s, some suppliers may be too busy or it might not be the right sort of project for them, but don’t worry, it will all come together.
  3. Make sure you have a rough timetable prepared for on the day, like who is doing what and when. Plan the order of the shoot (what looks you will shoot first etc). Delegate the right tasks to the right people and remember to let everyone get creative on the day!


What To Avoid

  • Doing everything yourself, and maybe accidentally becoming a control freak! Learn to trust others opinions.
  • Unreliable suppliers or models- you need everyone 100% on board for it all to come together. You don’t want to be let down last minute.
  • Only one location option- make sure you have a good back up plan if its raining etc, and make sure everyone involved can be available on an alternative day if needs be.



The more shoots you do, the more experience you will gain, bringing a team of talented and creative suppliers together can be a lot of fun and the end result will be something you can all be proud of!




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